A Classic Alternative Rock Station
  1. Lexi Rebert, Rod Schwartz & Michael Moran
  2. The Generation XX Band
  3. The horn section goes to work!
  4. Rod Schwartz
  5. Steve Morrison, Rod, and John Young on the mic!
  6. 1/2 of the Eleventh Hour - Dave Mitchell & Rod Schwartz
  7. Daryl, Ed & Rod
  8. Rod Schwartz & The Ghost of Harry Wagner
  9. Alex, Lexi, Rod, Harvey & Mike
  10. Ronda Zegarelli, Rod, Lexi, Jen Fisher, & Steve Seel
  11. Lexi, Rod & Mike create an inescapable groove
  12. Daryl, Rod & John recreate The Cure
  13. John Young
  14. The Affordable Floors!!!
  15. Generation XX recreate another 80's classic
  16. A sweaty Steve Morrison
  17. Mike Moran
  18. Ed Masley on lead vocals!
  19. Daryl, Mike, Rod, Ronda, Lexi, Jen & Steve take it higher!
  20. Harry "The Wire" Wagner, while not a XX DJ still loomed large in Pgh punk history.  From his voice to the "fashion statement" of tape on his glasses, he will not be forgotten.
  21. The coolest band on the planet: Harvey, Mike, Rod & Ronda
  22. Harvey Coblin, Rod & John
  23. Daryl, Harvey & Rod
  24. Daryl & Mike
  25. All hands on stage!  Everyone singing "It's The End Of The World As We Know It"
  26. Daryl Cross
  27. Steve, John & Rod
  28. XX DJ Bird takes the lead vocal
  29. The Affordabe Floors rip through one of their classics!
  30. Sweet Songbirds;: Ronda & Lexi
  31. DJ Bird looking fierce!
  32. Steve and Bird
  33. Mr. Steve Morrison
  34. Legs Lexi Legs!
  35. The band and the audience in perfect harmony,
  36. More Affrodable Floors
  37. Chris Theoret
  38. Lexi, Steve & Daryl
  39. DJ Bird does his best Bono
  40. Bird & Rod recreate U2's "I Will Follow"
  41. "If you walk away, walk away...."
  42. Alex Peightel
  43. Michael Moran
  44. DJ Bird channels Bono on the second night of the reunuon shows.
  45. On the tight side stage of The Rex, musicians wait to make some magic.