A Classic Alternative Rock Station

Dave Reedy

XX went off the air and I was kept on by their successor, WMXP.  After resigning from WMXP, (I could only handle two months with them), I floundered through retail work for almost 10 years both for the May Company and Borders.  I had a short career as the manager of the Rex Theatre.  It showed Independent films then. 
I did a volunteer overnight new music show on WYEP once a week for several years.  I also volunteered at the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force, and through that, realized that Social Work/Public Health Work appealed to me.   I moved to Atlanta and now live in Boston.
I miss my parents and sister and family, and of course my friends in Pittsburgh.  In my free time I like to visit with friends, see as many independent films as I can, attend plays, tour, travel, garden and take naps!  I still love music and hearing new music.  I've grown to appreciate adult alternative music, and of course still love the 80's alternative!