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Official XX Merchandise

XX Radio 30th Anniversary Shirt #2
Celebrate your love for Double X with the new anniversary shirt!  This limited edition shirt is made to order so they cost a bit more to manufacture.  Please state your size S-XXXL
Shipping is free.
XX Radio Baseball Cap
We only made TWO of these hats for the show last year!  This limited edition hat is made to order and costs a bit more because it's made just for you!  A Double Excellent holiday gift!  One size fits all.  Shipping is free.
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30th Anniversary Reunion Shirt #1

An extremely limited amount of these larger shirts are still available from the XX 30th Anniversary Reunion Show.  "XX turns XXX" was the theme and this special concert shirt will not be printed again.  Each shirt is available for $15, free shipping included.


Almost sold out, our concert bumpersticker is almost history.
XX turns XXX.
This sticker is available for now but when it's gone, it's gone.

Based on the original first XX bumpersticker!  This modern update is a new classic. (2015)

The 20th Anniversary sticker was created for the XX Reunion Concerts at The Rex in 2005 & 2007.  This reduced price sticker is unique in that all sales profits will go to charity.  Get one and do a good deed! (2005)

A Gallery of past promotional items!

  1. U2 - 1987
    U2 - 1987
  2. Alison Moyet - 1987
    Alison Moyet - 1987
  3. Big Audio Dynamite - 1986
    Big Audio Dynamite - 1986
  4. Billy Idol - 1986
    Billy Idol - 1986
  5. The Clash - 1986
    The Clash - 1986
  6. Psychedelic Furs - 1986
    Psychedelic Furs - 1986
  7. XX Blue - 1986
    XX Blue - 1986
  8. Green - 1986
    Green - 1986
  9. Red  1986
    Red 1986
  10. Orange (Gold) - 1986
    Orange (Gold) - 1986
  11. XX Solar Calculator - 1986
    XX Solar Calculator - 1986