A Classic Alternative Rock Station

Denis McNamara

While never on the air in Pittsburgh, this man deserves all the credit for XX even existing.
Denis McNamara was the Program Director of WLIR in NY, one of the legendary great alternative stations in America.  By extending the format to WLIR's sister station in Pittsburgh,
XX was born.
He traveled between the stations for a long while, serving as Program Director for both.  Denis later went on to work for Polydor Records and has been inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame for his work on the air and as the leader of XX sister station WLIR!  He was inducted into the Hall by none other than Joan Jett!
In 2017, a documentary about Denis & WLIR was created called "Dare To Be Different"  It has since won several audience awards at film festivals across the country. 

Thanks for everything Denis!